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X2-5 is the heartbeat of the Minnesota District.

Our mission is to double in 5 years.

          Double the size of our existing churches.

          Double the number of churches, daughter works, or preaching points.

We clearly understand that for this to transpire, it will take a tremendous blessing from God, along with vigilant, strong leaders, and diligent effort and execution.

We will leverage district events such as Family Camp, Breakthrough Ministry Training, and sectional events along with other training venues to move our mission forward.

We are praying for an outbreak of passion, wisdom, and action to successfully fulfill the Great Commission in the state of Minnesota.

Our desire...

          is to reach the 5.3 million lost people in Minnesota who need Jesus

          is to see that no pastor stands alone in the battle.

          is to promote unity, support, and friendship among the brotherhood.

          is to provide training, practical tools, and ideas that can be implemented immediately so that pastors can
          grow in wisdom and skills.

We are presently using a monthly video-conferencing venue for all participating pastors.

This venue...

          provides accountability to stated vision and goals,

          unleashes district prayer and fasting for regional revival,

          sees that Minnesota becomes a leadership factory that produces aggressive, growth-oriented ministers.

We invite you to join us in fervent prayer, fasting and anointed action.

Be a part of the mission.

x2 in 5 years.

-Ron Lichtle, District Superintendent