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Department Leaders

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Apostolic Man

Director - Alan Hosch (bgl0514@hotmail.com)

Global Missions

Director - Roger Barcus (rogerbarcus@gmail.com)

north American Missions

Director - Michael Hanson (mjh77@msn.com)

Secretary - David Willis (thejourneynlc.org)

Youth Ministry

Director Jason Brooks    (patriot.flooring@msn.com)

Secretary - Ryan Enderson  (revenderson@hotmail.com)

Section I Director - Nick Caflisch (ncaflisch@gmail.com)

Section II Director - Nathan Kirk (Kirk.nathan@gmail.com) 

Section III Director - Brad Anderson (andersonbrad88@gmail.com)

Promotion's Director - John Braam (jwbraam3@gmail.com)

Sunday School

Director - Steven Hatter (shatter15@me.com)

Secretary - Tim Scholl (timscholl17@msn.com)

Women's Ministry


Director - Sandra Lear (momjet@charter.net)

Secretary - Renee Feiler (reneesgarden1@live.com)

Spanish Ministry

Director -  Bobby Dewane (casadeoracion12345@yahoo.com)

Secretary - Juan Tapia (princejct@smig.net)

Director - Kirk Kaske (kirkkaske@gmail.com)

MultiCultural Ministries